Presiding Bishop Visits Diocese of Taiwan

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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and
Taiwan Bishop David Jung-Hsin Lai
concelebrate the Eucharist during a
service at St. John’s Cathedral in Taipei. 
Photo: Catherine Lee


Asia Week NY starts March 9

>> Click here to see the official announcement of Asia Week in New York, a celebration of fine art from countries in Asia.

The March 2017 edition of Asia Week New York brings together over fifteen museums and cultural institutions presenting exhibitions, lectures and special events throughout New York City and its surrounding areas.



Episcopal and Chinese church relationship strengthened through visit by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Minister Wang Zuo’an of the State Administration for Religious Affairs and their staffs posed for a photograph on at SARA’s headquarters following a Feb. 21 meeting in Beijing. Canon Peter Ng (in the front row on the left with red scarf) traveled with the Presiding Bishop on this visit to Asia. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service

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Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry addressed Elder Fu Xianwei, chair of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, and his staff during a Feb. 22 meeting at the National Office of China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement in Shanghai, China. To Curry’s left is Canon Peter Ng, The Episcopal Church’s officer for Asia and the Pacific, now retired, and to his right is the Rev. Charles Robertson, canon to the presiding bishop for ministry beyond The Episcopal Church; and Neva Rae Fox, the church’s public affairs officer. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service



Presiding Bishop Michael Curry Preaches at St. John's Cathedral in Hong Kong

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached to a standing room only crowd that overflowed into the courtyard at St. John’s Cathedral in Hong Kong’s central business district on Feb. 19, 2017. Hong Kong was the second stop on a four-country tour that includes the Philippines, China and Taiwan.  (The Hong Kong video below is from Episcopal News Service.)


A message about White Supremacy from the Rev. Debra Low-Skinner

I saw this video-editorial last night on the PBS Newshour (see link to the video below) from comedian Peter Kim.  We've all been there, when people ask "Where are you from?" when they really mean, "Are you Japanese/Chinese/Indian/Vietnamese/etc?"

Hi, friends in New York/Long Island in EAM-LI!

Debbie Low-Skinner+

Asian Commission of Diocese of California Co-Chair and VP (English), Japanese American Religious Federation - San Francisco

Christ Episcopal Church Sei Ko Kai

2140 Pierce St.
San Francisco, CA  94115

Click on the photo below to see the video:

Photo from the PBS video.